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DocuSign Hackathon 2013

For two days last month, all the DocuSign engineering, design, and product development teams converged on San Francisco for a company hackathon. It was an opportunity to put aside sprint goals and product roadmaps for a little while, think completely out of the box, work with people we don’t usually work with, and build some awesome new features and prototypes.

Some teams built internal tools to streamline our workflows and automate previously-manual processes. Many of the proofs-of-concept were customer-facing features that will be put on the product roadmap. One team imagined ways HTML5 camera support and real-time chat could be integrated into the product. Another project added real-time editing to our Send flow. There was a visualization of DocuSign usage with dots all over a 3D globe, that we hope to put on a big screen in the office soon.

One of the projects was creating this dev blog. So, welcome! We hope to introduce you to our great teams, show you all the cool stuff we build, open-source some of our code, and stimulate many interesting conversations.

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